Walking is CollabSystem’s entry level collaboration solution for teams just beginning their collaboration journey.

Walking is an effective tool to break down organisational or spatial silos, get messages quickly to the right individual and to bring together teams that need to collaborate in real time in agile ways. Teams feel more connected using Walking. Nothing brings humans together more effectively than Walking.

Employees can also use Walking for reflection and discovery using Flanêur mode. 

Walking Upgrade Path

Walking can be easily upgraded with the Running feature for faster connections or by using the premium Driving or Flying subscriptions for more complex or distributed team scenarios. See our demo of the Driving subscription below:

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Fully Integrated

Walking is fully integrated with the more advanced CollabSystem’s modules Talking and Working. Teams around the world use Walking with both Talking and Working to achieve their objectives more easily and effectively. When your team looks to move to more sophisticated forms of collaboration they can seamless switch to a more advanced module without losing any of the benefits or ease of use of Walking.

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Trial Walking For Free Now

Get started on better collaboration today. Commence a one-day free trial of Walking today. Get up off your chair and move a step at a time towards a colleague. That’s all it takes. Users of Walking see physical, emotional and psychological benefits of Walking immediately. Collaboration develops more slowly from Walking, but with sustained adoption support and change management, your organisations will realise real strategic value over time from Walking.

Special Offer

Act now to purchase a CollabSystem product and we’ll throw in a free Running upgrade to get your teams Walking faster!