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Is there a cheaper option?

Our service is free. Call us and maybe we will pay you to use the product if our VCs allow it.

How do I prevent my employees from Walking where they shouldn’t go?

Turn on the Cubicle module in the admin console and you will restrict your employees to a 2-metre square area. Your employees will be effectively tethered to this area. Should they go Walking outside this area they will cease to work.

Does the Talking module allow you to edit what you have already said?

No, that feature does not exist. We previously had a Time-Travel feature but customers reported it was buggy and lost employees. We now offer an Apology feature across all modules to reverse unfortunate incidents.

How do we ensure all our employees hear what we say when Talking?

You can’t. Shouting was disabled as a result of complaints from users. Also, our usage data indicates the Listening module is unreliable when attempting Talking to all employees at once. The Boss Module will restrict Talking to one admin user but impacts engagement. 

Can I use both Walking and Talking at the same time?

Can you chew gum?

Can I use Walking, Talking and Working at the same time?

A select group of proficient users are capable of Walking, Talking and Working at the same time. The pilot project was discussed in this video:

However, many employees will breach the Occupational Health and Safety Policy if they attempt this. Walking, Talking and Working on a mobile device is actively discouraged.

We want to control employees activity in the tools. How can you support this?

Turning on the Boss module will restrict all Talking to one admin user. In the Boss module, employees will only be able to use Working on previously assigned tasks. The Boss module also allows for instant ejection from the platform.

What if our employees use Walking naked, use Talking in an obscene or abusive manner, or slack off when Working?

Get better employees. Seriously, you blame a tool for this behaviour in your workplace? Also, don’t treat employees like children. Adults deliver a better result every time. Plus they use Walking, Talking and Working more effectively.

How do you ensure that our Knowledge Management Standards, Guidelines, Taxonomyand Policy are supported by these solutions?

We know you spent a lot of time on the Knowledge Management Standards, Guidelines, Taxonomy, and Policy. They make a very thick binder sitting on your shelf. Because everyone in your organisation uses them all the time, those same humans will use them when Walking, Talking and Working. Of course, if they don’t, we prefer humans to binders.

How do you engage Senior Executives in your tools?

We think Senior Executives are humans like other employees (yes, we have our doubts too). We have found that with the right understanding of the value and some good role modeling Senior Executives can be proficient in Walking, Talking and Working too.  We do not have a feature to allow staff to do Walking, Talking and Working for Senior Executives who are too busy. We have a Delegation module instead.

What about IT Security, Legal, Riskand Compliance?

You have the most exciting friends. We are famous for our ability to work with these teams using a mix of Walking, Talking and Working through issues. They are just humans too (again, doubts noted).

Can I Import the Posts from My Existing Collaboration Platform into Your Tools?

Kind of. Maybe. It Depends.

Walking, Talking and Working storage sizes vary by user. Did you use the letter ‘e’ in any posts? Probably best to say ‘No’.

What about Reporting?

What about it indeed? We find reporting works best when customers have a plan for how they create value. We don’t offer any reporting in the product, but we integrate with products like Swoop Analytics and TyGraph. If you are really geeky, you can hack around in our API, but we don’t guarantee any consistency of development standards there.

What about Innovation?

Great question. What’s your innovation strategy? We find many organisations differ in how the approach innovation on their collaboration platform. We integrate with Ideocial which offers a flexible innovation platform to suit most organisations.

How do these solutions relate to consumer products like Coffee Shop?

Consumer products are designed for ease of adoption and light social interaction. They aren’t as well suited to collaboration as Working. We are a deadly serious enterprise solution. We have an admin panel (with buttons). We can take your security team on a tour of our servers to discuss obscure risk standards. Your employees will get more done and waste less time looking at dogs and cats. However, we can’t guarantee the coffee here is as good.

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I am very upset. Is this site some kind of joke?

We are sorry you are upset. We hope it passes soon. This site is a parody. We would explain the joke but we think it will make you more upset.