Our people don’t collaborate, so it surprised us how easily they took to the CollabSystems tools. People were Walking in our stores from day one.

– COO, Retail organisation

We had to force our teams to use other collaboration solutions. Even so, they always seemed dead and lifeless. Our teams love Walking, Talking and Working. They say they are the most natural form of collaboration they have seen.

– COO, Engineering Organisation

We have tried all kinds of collaboration solutions. Some several times. Nothing seemed to work. It wasn’t until we tried Working that we finally found a way to come together and create value.

– CIO, Insurance Company

We were so slow before we turned on the Running upgrade. Now I struggle to keep up with the pace of work around here.

– Head of Employee Communications, Emergency Services Organisation

Working turned our company from a perennial industry under-performer to an industy star. Our CEO even won an industry award. We love the impact that Working has had on our company.

–CEO, Manufacturing Company

Before Talking, there was so much confusion in our organisation. Now everyone is much better aligned. Talking helps with everything we do.

– Professional Services Senior HR Director

Walking completely changed the way our team connects. There’s much more togetherness. We can’t imagine going back to our old sedentary & disconnected way of working

– Head of Collaboration at a Large Financial Services Organisation.