Talking is CollabSystem’s intermediate level collaboration solution for teams that need to start sharing information.

Talking enables teams to share information, to clarify understanding and to remain aligned as they to solve complex problems.  The real-time exchange of information in Talking is invaluable to humans who seek to understand their work environment, to complete their work effectively and to engage with customers, suppliers and other employees. 

With Talking, any two humans who come together can begin to understand each other, their goals and their work. Some users find that the Listening app needs to be turned on to get the full value of Talking in their environment. 

Fully Mobile


Talking is a fully responsive mobile application. It goes wherever your human employees go*. It is capable of enabling effective collaboration at an employee’s desk, in a meeting room or as employees complete their work inside your organisation and beyond. Talking is fully compatible with all smartphone and video-conferencing formats.

Seamlessly Integrated

If your team is already using Walking, then Talking fits right into the way that they work.  Most customers find that after a short while using Talking, teams start demanding an upgrade to Working. We have made that upgrade as easy as toggling a switch. All the context that your teams have gathered in other modules will be easily exchanged in Talking.

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Backwards Compatible

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Talking is also backwards compatible to prior collaboration solutions like Writing, Email and Instant Messaging. Employees will find the same grammar and vocabulary works in Talking as in other forms of communication.  The advantage of Talking over these other products is a greater bandwidth of exchange of information and richer emotional nuances to support sophisticated collaboration needs.

Start Your Free Trial Now

To help you adopt Talking we have a one-day free trial available. Turn to your nearest colleague and say “Hi, How is your day going? What are you working on?” Talking is just that simple to start.

Special Offer

Act now to purchase a CollabSystem product and we’ll throw in a free Running upgrade to get your teams Walking and Talking faster!


*Unfortunately Talking is not fully compliant with global language, cultural, security, confidentiality, accessibility and disability standards, please consider these standards as they apply to your organisation when implementing the Talking solution. CollaSystem’s adoption partner can help you ensure you get the most value out of Talking in your situation.