The Strategic Value of Collaboration is Just One More Product Purchase Away

Every organisation wants better sharing of information, more effective problem solving and the ability to innovate to deliver better solutions for its customers and its business. Effective collaboration is key to this improved performance.

How Better Collaboration Really Works

You can’t buy a product to make your teams more collaborative. Collaboration technology in its many forms simply provides a platform for human activity. What your very real human employees do with that platform depends on the context, the culture and the capabilities you have supported when you implemented a collaboration platform. Change Agents Worldwide helps organisation get these elements right to build effective human community for more effective and more valubale collaboration.

Our Collaboration Maturity Model

Change Agents Worldwide’s approach to collaboration recognises that the maturity of collaboration in your organisation develops over a number of stages. Getting to the higher forms of value creation like Solving and Innovating faster takes the right activities to change the ways your teams work.

The work we do in each stage of our model is:

Connect: This phase is focused on getting the right people together and helping them to connect in real human ways. The Connect phase involves ensuring that you have the groups in place that will make it easy for your teams to find each other and the right information. The phase also includes shaping the strategic and personal benefits for employees in changing the way they work.

Share: This phase involves helping your employees to begin to share their work using Working Out Loud and other approaches. Developing a culture of transparency, curiosity and continuous learning will drive up the value of collaboration and the trust across your organisation.

Solve: The real value of your employees is their ability to solve the problems that arise in work. In this phase, we help them leverage the collective information, expertise and experience of your organisation to get work done faster and more effectively.

Innovate: The innovate phase is where we enable your employees to autonomously address opportunities to improve their work and deliver better solutions for customers. We help employees to lead collective responses to situations and to learn to make experiments to test their approaches. Managing this in a culture of transparency and accountability provides both personal purpose for employees and accelerating strategic value for the organisation.

Contact Change Agents Worldwide today to discuss how we can help accelerate collaboration in your organisation. We can develop a plan for a more effective approach to collaboration for your teams in a 2-hour workshop. Our approach works across any collaboration platform or set of work tools. We are focused on the ways your employees need to work differently to be more effective and deliver greater strategic value.


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