We Value Bravery

A Customer at Work in CollabSystem’s new tool, Highwire

At CollabSystem our job is to make workplace technology systems work as if people were irrelevant. We know that effective collaboration and stellar results in your organisation is just one more tool away. We know you want collaboration with the hippest, hottest and most ego-rewarding tool available. Ideally, that tool will be one of ours.

We find the kind of people who buy our products work in technology. To have the budget they must be senior in technology. They are CIOs, but not just any CIO. It takes a special breed of CIO to buy our products. There are three characteristics of the CIOs that we work for:

  • A Extraordinary Almost Delusional Vision
  • A Willingness to Overlook Details
  • 96pt Font Bravery

We can’t stress how important bravery is to a successful implementation of CollabSystems products. We aren’t for the average CIO who is content to implement humdrum solutions from internationally recognised vendors like the pack of CIO mediocrities that they call peers. We are here for the rip and replace, big bang, heroic, take no prisoners, damn the torpedos CIO who has a extraordinarily delusional vision and is prepared to pay for it. If you want to be featured on CIO magazine cover adorned with the word ‘brave’ in 96pt red text, we have a sweet deal for you. Totally ignoring users takes a certain kind of ego and we know how to feed your ego.

A CollabSystem project in action

Every noticed that people look at you strangely and say ‘brave decision’? Well CollabSystem is the fastest way to repeat that experience and win the same level of respect again. Many reviews of our products highlight how brave an IT team would have to be to implement our products. Achieving adoption without actual employee engagement is not for the fainthearted.

So if your colleagues in the leadership team look at you askance, users wail and your architecture team breaks out in a cold sweat every time you open your mouth, give us a call. We value your bravery and we’re sure you do too.

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