CollabSystem Collaboration Packs

Delivering an effective collaborative workshop in an organisation can be hard work. CollabSystem makes it easy with the new CollabSystem collaboration packs. The CollabSystem collaboration pack takes away all the need to deal with messy and unpredictable humans.

The CollabSystem Collaboration pack is comprised of three elements:

1 Pre-prepared Flip Charts

Select your workshop topic and objectives and our digital AI will generate and dispatch to you pre-prepared flipcharts that look like the real thing. Because these flipcharts are meaningless, there’s no danger the workshop output will prevent you from proceeding as you intended anyway.

We have worked with graphic capture specialists to ensure your AI generated flipcharts will be better looking than in any other workshop. No longer will you have to spend the whole workshop scribing the discussion badly in illegible writing. No more worrying about pens that don’t work or how to spell synergistic. As the flipcharts are randomly generated there is no need to type them up afterwards. People describe the CollabSystem AI flipcharts as

‘Just as useful as the real thing but prettier’

2 Hundreds of Scrawled Stickynotes

No collaborative workshop would be complete without hundreds of barely legible and vague sticky notes. We deliver you a box full of these stickynotes for you to decorate the collaboration space that you are using.

We use the topic you identified when ordering your Flipcharts as a guide but know that sticky notes bear only a vague resemblance to the actual topic of collaboration. Therefore you will find your sticky notes include vague platitudes, references to successful companies and meaningless verbs to enliven any post workshop discussion. Many users have commented:

“It would have never occurred to us to mention Apple in our strategy session, but when we found that sticky note it all made sense’

3 Muffins

No collaboration workshop will succeed without a plate of slightly dry blueberry muffins to be served at a critical moment when the discussion becomes difficult. As we are enabling you to avoid all difficult and meaningful discussions, we include in the CollabSystem Collaboration packs, delicious blueberry muffins, guaranteed to stain your conference room carpet with the blue stains of effective dialogue and engagement. When they see the carpet spotted with stains and icing sugar on the clothes of invitees, everyone will know they have missed a great workshop.

A recent user of the CollabSystem Collaboration packs commented:

“When I drank the bitter coffee at the workshop, I had a doughnut shaped hole in my other hand. The CollabSystem blueberry muffin filled that hole and enabled me to say to my fellow participants ‘Mmmm, muffins'”

Collaborative Success without the Effort

Never again will your collaborative workshop require effort or the participation of humans. Never again will the feedback of stakeholders interfere with your plans.

Collaboration workshops can now be held swiftly and efficiently. Why not hold 30 workshops more today. With the Collaboration Packs, our trial clients report a workshop can be held in as little as the 5 minutes it takes to eat the muffins.

You can engage your stakeholders with ease with the Collaboration Packs from CollabSystem. Order today. The first 100 orders will receive a bonus participant visor to prevent unnecessary human eye contact.

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