CollabSystem: Talking Power to Truth Since 2017

Talking Power to Truth

Technology solutions can reinforce or overturn existing organisation power structures. CollabSystems are proud to have been talking power to truth since 2017. In our view, every power structure is one we are happy to reinforce. This is especially the case because we find power structures pay our invoices more promptly and in larger denominations than rebels.

Freedom of communication, freedom of association and freedom of action all might sound good in some utopian fantasy of the workplace (Hi Teal, it’s great you are here). However, every senior leader and their juntas in compliance, risk, HR and technology know that the best workforce is a quiet workforce. Our organisations don’t need more truth and action. They need efficient silence.

Leaders of today’s organisations need tools that enable them to speak power more effectively to the burgeoning sources of truth. Old fashioned brutality is out of touch in this era of social justice, employee engagement and community expectations. Organisations need systems that replace visible force with the creeping fear of an effective secret police.

Control of Rebellion

CollabSystem’s new Control module (TM pending) brings organisations a fully intimidating suite of crowd management solutions to ensure that power has an effective voice and truth is silenced.

  • Analytics: Every single action on the CollabSystem platform is analysed, tracked and reported to the junta. Dynamic keyword reporting will alert management to any nascent signs of truth and independent action.
  • Surveillance: Our intensive analytics are supported by fullscale surveillance. Our application turns on all video cameras and microphones of devices in which it is installed. Management will have access to all employees environments 24×7. Even outside the workplace conversations can be monitored.
  • Collaborators: Other platforms have champions. We have snitches who will use our snitching features to report their fellow employees to management.
  • Propaganda: Video, live events, images, wall-to-wall auto-posting of messages, automatic liking and imposter posting will enable a relentless power based display of positive messaging for all employees and easy tools for development of a cult of personality.
  • Silencing: Messages can be blocked, deleted and rewritten at will. Employees can be assigned to our gulag feature where they can no longer contribute to the platform as required.
  • Disappearances: In CollabSystem Control, an employee can be made to disappear with the touch of a button if troublesome. The fear for other employees when this happens is palpable.
  • Riot Control: At the flick of an option, leadership can display a full battallion of black suited helmeted and armoured enforcers and watercannons of trolling to intimidate rebellious users.

A CollabSystems organisation is a safer organisation for all leaders, juntas and traditional sources of power. We have been talking power to truth since 2017. We look forward to supporting your 1000 year reign.

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