Product Pandemonium: Roll and Flow

At CollabSystem, we know how to spot a hot new trend. When the trend involves consumers mindlessly parting with money we are all over it. Add a global flavour with near hysteria, a lack of effective competition and we start seeing unicorns

CollabSystem Roll

We have the good stuff

CollabSystem is proud to announce our latest contribution to a successful digital workplace, Roll. Never worry again where how the paper needs of your employees will be met. Roll addresses these concerns at home and at work through a pillowy hybrid 3ply cloud experience.

Supplied on a subscription model at an inflated cost, Roll just keeps piling up. Like all our products, we guarantee you will never fully use your subscription. Never again will you need to frantically take advice from ill-informed friends on Facebook, drive across town and wheel a trolley out of the supermarket with a lifetime supply. Never again will you find yourself short, stuck with a single sheet begging for help from the next cubicle when the work is more demanding.

Roll does not require any employee collaboration. Every user will have more than enough paper to meet their needs at home or work. Roll sharing is not recommended as our experience is that use profiles are best secure, confidential and highly unique. Roll is available in both over and under models and can be customised with branding or other enterprise imagery.

CollabSystem Flow

CollabSystem Flow is our disruptive paperless alternative. Based on strange European digital workplace practices, Flow addresses employee’s needs without any need for paper. Flow can be installed in any digital workplace and also for work from home employees. The only integration needs are a continuous supply of water and sewerage connection.

CollabSystem Flow is also delivered on a continuous subscription model. Many of our clients have one and stare at it every time they enter the workplace, reluctant to use Flow for fear of embarrassment or discomfort. After repeated use, employees have been known to adjust to ‘go with the Flow’.

Sophisticated users use Roll and Flow in combination in their digital workplace. We like them a lot because it means twice the revenue. We’ve never bothered to learn more but their smiling comfortable faces are in all our use cases.

CollabSystem is committed to removing the waste from digital workplace experiences. With Roll and Flow, we bring you a great safe and effortless solutions for the modern world’s #2 workplace challenge.

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