Announcing CollabSystem’s Digital Workplace Solutions: Desk & Phone



Continuing its exciting industry-leading cadence of new product announcements, CollabSystem today previewed their two new Digital Workplace Solutions: Desk and Phone. CollabSystem’s Head of Product Marketing said

Digital Workplace Solutions are hot right now. Everyone is talking about it. We thought we needed one. Everyone is using the term in a different way. We weren’t sure what it means either, but with two words as vague as digital + workplace, how could we go wrong? To be safe, we are announcing two different products now and when can always deliver something later when customers know what they want.

Desk For The Office Worker

Desk is the go-to place for a digital knowledge worker to do their work. Desk provides employees with an all-in-one place work experience. From storing photos of your loved ones, to keeping your contacts and diary, to connecting with colleagues and offering a physical place of refuge from work demands, Desk offers the ideal place for the digital worker to get the job done. For senior workers, Desk can be easily upgraded to our premium solution Office, which offers greater privacy, more storage, and an indoor plant. Desk is fully integrated with Walking, Talking, and Working.

With the rise of the activity based workplace, we saw an increasing demand from digital workers for a solution like Desk. Not everyone can work on a bright orange couch and what is the point of all those Table tennis tables?

said CollabSystem’s Head of Product Marketing.

Phone For The Mobile Worker


Phone is the perfect digital workplace solution for the mobile worker. Studies show a quick conversation on Phone can be faster and more effective than any other digital workplace tool. Phone can be used in a range of situations where other workplace solutions fail, such as anywhere without reliable WiFi. CollabSystem’s Head of Product Marketing said;

We find mobile workers are mobile because they need to talk to other people. Technology can only help so much when you need to chat to someone. Phone makes it easier to do that when not using Desk.

Phone supports all the industry leading mobile applications. Mobile Workers will fund that they can easily fill Phone with apps they barely use. Phone also offers an unique low-accountability low-effort mode of digital work called Messaging, perfect for those times you are looking for refuge from work on the road.

Note: Desk and Phone continue CollabSystem’s approach of basing its collaboration products in hundred of years of human behaviour. Both are currently alpha concepts that sit far out on our product roadmap. They meet needs for key customer personas, look great as sticky notes and really answered the nagging ‘what’s your product roadmap? questions. When we have budget to build anything, CollabSystem will confirm their release dates. 

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