Working Silently

CollabSystem is pleased to announce its new feature Working Silently, the perfect antidote to viral human interaction, collaboration and learning. 

Working out loud is increasingly common. The sharing of work with relevant communities is a disease on our organisations. WOLWeek is spreading working out loud person to person like a common cold across your organisation. In your organisation the volume of collaboration and interaction and each one promotes even more working out loud spreading like contagion. If you don’t take care, all work will be smeared with the mucus of human interaction. 

With a simple flick of a switch in the admin panel, you can engage Working Silently in any of CollabSystem’s products. At once a monastic silence will descend across your organisation. All human interactions will be sterilised. Once again, employees will have time to think. They won’t be able to do anything else. They will just think. Those valuable thoughts will accumulate until you turn off Working Silently. 

Through bot integrations Working Silently can be extended from online collaboration to all interactions in your organisation. Our security bot will lock all doors and access points to limit employee movement. Our communication bot will disable all other forms of communication. Our property management bot will turn off the lights and turn down the temperature to reinforce the value of silent thought. The compliance bot will detect any employee noise making and alert relevant managers. 

With Working Silently fully activated you will experience the terrifying silence and loneliness of your own thoughts, self-doubt will run rampant, alienation will increase and productivity will collapse.  All that will occur with the knowledge that a massiv wall of mucus is building up to drown everyone.  In short, it will perfectly replicate a normal work day. 

Working Out Loud Week is 5-11 June. We won’t be sponsors. 

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