Back the Winning Collaboration Horse

We at CollabSystem understand how difficult it is to pick the winner in a sea of collaboration vendors. Sometimes we don’t think we’re in with a chance ourselves. And we say that even while wearing our own logo (printed on an organic cotton t-shirt, of course).

Which is why today we’re launching CollabBet, a revolutionary new gambling platform that allows you to pick winners in the technollogy war. The best part is that you don’t even have to go through the hassle of actually buying a product to be a winner.

Along with leaders in the online gambling space, CollabBet allows fixed price odds, in-play bets, and early cash-out to coincide with your own IT strategy failures.

Customers have immediately seen the benefits, applying the product to decisions they made many years ago:

I always knew we shouldn’t have gone with the Palm Pilot. I tried telling everyone. If CollabBet was around back then, I could have made a fortune and retired.

Others see it as a legitimate way of reducing technology risk:

Many years ago we decided take photos of all our important documents and upload them to Flickr. Thankfully we also placed a bet on Google Docs with CollabBet. The money we made gambling in CollabBet more than paid for the migration we had to do. In fact, it even paid for some ridiculously priced adoption training!

The premium version of CollabBet also allows you to bet on your own employer’s decisions, such as corporate strategy and who will be the next CEO.


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