Us vs Them

CollabSystems is proud to launch its new employee engagement tools Us vs Them. These state of the art tools drive intense employee engagement to benefit loyalty, trust and encourage all employees to embrace organisational values and beliefs.

The Power of a Clear Enemy


In 2017, it is clearer than ever that a clear enemy can be the source of deep engagement in a cohort of people. Around the world we are see deep division and alienation foster high levels of engagment, loyalty and ideological alignment. These characteristics are highly attractive to the modern corporation grappling with low levels of employee loyalty, lack of trust and engagement.

Modern employee communications professionals are keen to leverage the practices of modern digital media. The ability to coalesce a group around a clear enemy and heighten divisions to foster engagement, loyalty and belief. Tight loyalty to the group and a clear enemy will challenge employees ability to believe messages from other sources and to act collaboratively with whom you don’t want them to engage.

Us vs Them

The new Us vs Them collaboration tools suite integrates with all major collaboration platforms. The tools enable employee communications professionals to easily foster cliques, division, and alienation.

The Us vs Them tool enables employee communication professionals to quickly divide the universe of platform users into like minded employees, Us, and all others, Them. Given the complex nature of modern organisations every employee will be in one Us group, but there will be many Thems to pose a threat and represent the opposition.  

Know Your Enemy mode means that for each User, members of their Us group will be easily identifiable and presented in a flattering light. All of their Them groups will be have darkened threatening profile pictures, visible markers of their alien status, and warnings posted on their content.  In Crisis mode, the tools will auto generate threatening & abusive messages to provoke conflict and surface inter group criticism to foster division. Heritage mode enables employee communication professional to manage deep historical illusions to support the fragile and fictional nature of most Us groupings under real human interaction. 

The tool influences the algorithms on display of messages to increase the proportion in-group messages for both. Tight clustering of information in the Us group fosters loyalty and the willingness to believe what the Us group is required to believe.

As part of the admin panel for employee communications professionals and in the Home group of each Us group will be targeted meme generator solutions to enable each Us group to express their believes and enage in conflict and trolling of other groups. Video & photo manipulation tools will enable Users to develop materials that effectively represent the truth of each Us group and reinforce prevailing beliefs.

Lastly, manipulation of the messaging flows to the Us group will mean that they increasingly experience high velocity communication, regular surprising threats and a general sense of existential crisis to foster engagement and alignment to the desired Us group. Once fear is all pervasive, positive collaboration will be effectively chilled and manipulation of inter-group conflict will be more effective.

Divide and conquer has long been a tool of corporate manipulation and power. With Us vs Them, employee communication professionals will have a suite of leading edge propaganda & misinformation tools ready to leverage the divisions in their organisation for engagement and success.

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