2018 Band Wagon

Are you worried about competitors getting the jump on you over the holiday season?

With a 3,502kg braked towing capacity and Dolby® 7.1 channel surround sound, the CollabSystem 2018 Band Wagon has more than enough space for all your hype for the new year.

It also features active suspension and mean reversion, allowing you to take all your 2017 buzzword baggage around with you for at least the next 12 months. While still leaving enough room for the Blockchain power supply, spare drone rotors, and countless more flotsam and jetsam items to be unleashed in the Year of the Dog.

The 2018 Band Wagon is connected to your existing strategy through an industry standard 7-pin towing socket (batteries not included). This complies with all local traffic regulations, giving your tailgating competitors enough warning to take evasive action when when you swerve to hit an operational roadblock. After all, that’s the point of brake lights, right?

Our lemmings customers have been overwhelmingly unimpressed by the wagon:

It makes no sense to be towing around useless stuff that nobody understands. And the extension rear vision mirror they gave us was useless. It was meant to give us perspective on the contents of the wagon, but mostly it just reflects the blinding sun right into our eyes.

To get your hands on a 2018 Band Wagon, contact one of our existing customers to negotiate a great deal on a second-hand trailer. What kind of start-up would we be if we didn’t offer a two-sided marketplace?

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