Announcing our new name

The Metaverse is going to be huge. Facebook is rebranding. Nobody copies social media corporate moves better than us. We are rebranding too.

The search for a new name for CollabSystem has been a long an involved one. Facebook chose the apparently blindingly obvious but actually wrong option, such a Meta thing to do for them. We considered the process more deeply and ensured that we didn’t listen to our own hype.

We did listen to the Metaverse hype. We are key players in any hype. So we knew the name needed to involve the word verse.

Here’s our list of rejects:

  • Uni – too academic and too inclusive
  • Blank – as poetic as this choice was and as on brand as it is we hate it.
  • Con – apparently this one is likely to cause confusion. As lucrative as it may be we don’t like getting sued.
  • Ad – our brand consultant suggested that this gave away too much.
  • A – apparently this turned people away

After much debate, CollabSystem will be rebranding as Re to anticipate the Metaverse hype and our future strategic moves when the hype fades to nought. After all the Metaverse is just Second Life redux with blockchain for dazzling incomprehensibility.

Let the era of the great Reverse begin!

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