CollabSystem Chat GPZ

Want to jump on the AI bandwagon without really knowing where it’s going? Have you ever wanted to stake your career success on something that’s never been out of beta? If so, CollabSystem Chat GPZ is for you.

We don’t quite know what it’s used for. And neither do you. But that’s ok – we’re on this ride together. Such is the power of partnership with a crazy number of CPU cores.

Inspired by Chat GPT, CollabSystem has done one better and trained our system on not only publicly available information, but also your company’s intranet and your phone’s WhatsApp chat history with Sophie from sales.

Rigorous training with these private repositories of information give CollabSystem Chat GPZ the edge over competitors like Chat GPT. We’ve been getting up at 4:45am every morning just to train GPZ, and the benefits are starting to show.

It’s so good that we don’t actually have any information about the product to give you. We don’t give you a capability matrix, use cases, and best practice case studies because it’s somewhat obvious what the product does. You chat with it. Surely you don’t need a screenshot to explain how chat works?

From there, the world is at your feet. Use it to chat with customers. Use it to chat with internal stakeholders. Use it to create meaningless but believable words, anywhere ‘words’ are required.

The best part is that you can use Chat GPZ to save yourself from the monotony and hilarity of responding to other people’s chat bots. If you think Sophie from sales has replaced herself with Chat GPT, why are you spending your time chatting with a computer? Let “Sophie” and Chat GPZ hurl insults at each other, while you put your feet up and watch the two chat bots battle it out.

We also have a range of snazzy integration options available, including SharePoint, Tinder, Teams, SalesForce, Peloton, and Candy Crush. Please contact us for pricing.

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