CollabSystem Inexplicable

Many of CollabSystem’s clients have asked us for a simple model to explain adoption of the CollabSystem technology. Today we announce CollabSystem’s new adoption model, CollabSystem Inexplicable.

At CollabSystem, we know that the best and most enduring models have a number of key characteristics:

  • Complexity: if it was simple, you would remember it without a model
  • Indeterminacy: if it was specific, then it would eventually expire in relevance
  • Incomprehensibility: Only incomprehensible models can support monetisation through certifications and ongoing training
  • Flimsy Academic Foundations: If the model is based on robust scholarship, what stops those scholars explaining it to everyone
  • Universality: The model should be capable of applications well beyond its original domain and value.

CollabSystem Inexplicable (pronounced Eenix-plux-AR-bull which means Profound in Georgian) meets all these critical criteria. Designed by an intern to the stringent requirements of our CTO, the model has a number of critically vague elements:

  • 11 Unlabelled Domains numbered in a unique sequence that has never been revealed
  • 3 Transition points
  • One generic goal zone, because goal unity sounds appealing though it is also important to bear in mind that actually all 15 zones are both goals and transitions
  • 2 phase transitions

When using CollabSystem Inexplicable, it is important to also remember that this 15 Zone representation is actually a gross oversimplification of the known elements of a 9-dimensional representation of all of human knowledge. Unfortunately, the intern resigned for a job with 15-minute grocery delivery startup in Georgia without elaborating more.

We can’t offer access to the intern, but we have a range of offerings to help clients to attempt to understand and apply the CollabSystem Inexplicable model:

  • Our Inexplicable Community at only $99 per month
  • Our Inexplicable Introductory Program at $2990 for a 2-day program
  • Our advanced Inexplicable programs at $5000 per day
  • Our Inexplicable Certification programs at $500 per certificate
  • Inexplicable Consulting services from our endorsed Inexplicable Facilitators at $5000 per day
  • Origami folding instructions for the model at $1000 per sheet. The instructions currently run to 17 pages.
  • Inexplicable Books, tools, partnerships and other integrations

CollabSystem has delivered an Inexplicable ecosystem that promises to deliver value for years. You may also benefit too. The model clearly simplifies the adoption challenges with our diverse and overlapping product suite. Even our CTO was surprised by references to products we built years ago.

We wish our clients all the best trying to pronounce the name and remind everyone we accept all forms of payment including Lari.

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