Three New Hot Document Security Solutions

Every organisation demands document security. There are complex legal and administrative requirements that mean organisations must take great care of their documents. Many organisations take better care of documents than their employees. No wonder document retention often exceeds employee retention. Employees would rather leave than see their old files again. CollabSystem promises to change all that.

CollabSystem is delighted to announce three new totally secure document management systems: Delete, Shredder and Fire. We recognise that different documents present different document storage risks and have developed a solution for each level of risk. These three solutions ensure that your documents are treated the way they deserve and you will face no residual legal issues from your document storage policies.

What is even more exciting for clients is that Delete, Shredder, and Fire each have a simple one-off consumption pricing model. There are no long-term storage costs to worry about. CollabSystem take care of your documents for you and you never have to worry about accessing or answering questions on the documents again.



Delete is the perfect document retention system for digital files. With one-button click, users will see their digital files stored permanently in the cloud where they will remain totally safe and secure forever. CollabSystems Delete solution ensures files cannot be accessed by anyone. Our cryptographic logging and indexing system even ensures that nobody can identify that the document ever existed to prevent unauthorised users accessing a document following storage. Should an record of a document be discovered in Delete’s routine scans of the organisation’s digital files, Delete will instantly corrupt the hard drive of every device in the organisation to prevent further unauthorised storage and access. Like any good digital document storage solution, Delete will impose an arbitrarily small file size limit on all users meaning that should they retain any documents they will eventually be unable to work. Delete also effectively secures and wipes all phones, tablets, USB sticks and cloud drives connected to the organisation’s network.



Shredder is the CollabSystem document retention solution for low risk and insecure documents. Shredder can take any form of paper document. However Shredder is sensitive to paperclips and staples. We recomend having a intern on standby while Shredder is in consumption mode to address any jams that arise. Shredder is ideal for all those plans, strategy documents and business cases that you have developed and stored in lever arch folders with no further reference to their contents. Shredder is not recommended for high risk documents. We also recommend that following implementation of Shredder, the organisation let the intern go, prepare to deny everthing and blame the intern.



Fire is the document retention system for high risk and urgent documents. Clients with extensive physical documents in storage requiring an urgent document retention strategy have found Fire the ideal solution. In less than 3 hours, Fire can consume up to an entire warehouse of documents. Fire works equally well when documents are on-premise or stored in an off-site or third-party storage facility. Importantly following a full implementation of Fire, documents can be guaranteed to be totally secure. It is recommended that clients implementing Fire update their insurance policies and prepare for embarrasing questions.

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