WOLFEAR: Working Out Loud for Fame, Ego & Riches


WOLFEAR – Why share when you can shout?

Working Out Loud is an important practice that helps organisations and their users to see the benefits of collaboration in their organisations. At CollabSystem we have optimised all the worst elements of the practice of Working Out Loud for our new proprietary approach to Working Out Loud – WOLFEAR: Working Out Loud For Fame Ego And Riches.

Our Definition of WOLFEAR

We define Working Out Loud For Fame, Ego And Riches as:

The process of blathering on publicly like A-grade exhibitionistic narcissist about one’s own importance, success and intelligence to alienate one’s network relationships, foster one’s ego and dominate all the attention until the droning sound of your own voice brings fame, power, money or psychic relief.

The key elements of WOLFEAR are:

  • Total self-centredness
  • Loud, continuous, repetitive self-promotion
  • All-consuming greed
  • Lack of interest in listening to others or learning from others
  • No visible connection to work.

How to Practice WOLFEAR

There is only one authorised way to practice WOLFEAR. Our lawyers are highly effective so don’t even consider adapting our approach. The proprietary steps to practice WOLFEAR are:

  1. Buy a CollabSystem collaboration solution (or maybe two)
  2. Use the new tool to talk to your employees about yourself: our approach will help you identify the best messages such as recommended photos displaying your current wealth, power and success. Remember you are seeking to promote yourself and humiliate others as much as possible.
  3. Spend as much time talking about the process of promoting yourself as you do promoting yourself. Help others understand exactly how effective you are at using WOLFEAR.
  4. Automate the self-promotion so that it can continue without any time, attention or investment by you.  If automation is not possible, outsource the WOLFEAR activities to your assistant, corporate communications or marketing team.
  5. Ignore all feedback, comments or interactions: you don’t want anything to disturb the comforting sound of your own voice
  6. Allow the WOLFEAR messages to continue until your success or satisfaction arrives.

The Benefits of WOLFEAR

Practice WOLFEAR consistently and CollabSystem will guarantee you:

  • your time will no longer be wasted listening to friends
  • your personal brand will be as reflective or reality as your dating profile
  • everyone will have the same impression of you
  • a grandiose sense of self-importance
  • few remaining inhibitions; and
  • few other tangible benefits that are worth anything to others

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