We Need Your Time and Attention

Underpinning any good adoption plan for collaboration technology is winning an investment of time and attention by users. CollabSystem’s product range has solved this important issue through attention-grabbing gamification and AR retina-integration.

The Need for Time and Attention

CollabSystem’s products need your attention. Lots of your attention. Our research highlights that your employee’s waste more than half their time each day in the production line of email communication and wasteful pointless meetings.  We would much rather that your employees wasted their time on our product. We can’t guarantee you any greater productivity but our analytics packages will produce great charts of employee adoption as a result.  We know this critical data will drive your career and our next round valuation.

Gamifying For Eyeballs

Our products have been designed to take advantage of gamification, FOMO and our unending appetite for distraction at work to ensure that your employee keep coming back and devoting their wasteful time to our product. Due to legal advice from our counsel, we have been unable to create a genuine addiction to our product at this point, but we are still working on it.

Our system of notifications, badges, emails, alerts, status rewards and the fast flowing stream of messages will deliver a steady stream of achievement and oxytocin to your desperate employees. The appearance of doing meaningful work, interacting with peers and gaining social status will grab a growing share of their time.

Our ephemeral message features and our fast flowing message streams will make sure that FOMO is maximised. Any employee who misses a message will be fully aware that they have slipped behind their peers and that their manager has been notified of their incompetence. Experience suggests this approach is effective at behaviour modification.

Deep AR-to-Retina Integration

Even with our advanced features, there are times that your employees will look elsewhere. We have a way to stop that.  That’s why we are pleased to announce that from Q3 2017 we will be leveraging developments in Augmented Reality and Human to Machine integration in offering CollabSystem AR-to-Retina Integration.  Once the new feature is enabled, your employees will see their CollabSystem feeds wherever they go. The continuous status updates will crowd out their life 24×7.  We will have complete control of their attention and useful data gathering opportunities on how to expand their work into a greater part of their lives. AR is the future. It is inescapable and we want CollabSystems to be a part of that stimulating, engaging and lucrative future.

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