We’re Happy to Be Acquired

At CollabSystem, we realise the critical metric for the performance of a collaboration system is our exit price.  That’s why CollabSystem’s management team today announced its perfect willingness to walk away with a large or even a small suitcase of cash.  We are so willing to walk away we will even take a small brown paper bag or a neatly wrapped bundle.

The collaboration market is tough.  Unlike CollabSystem, most vendors can’t guarantee that their products work like magic when they are turned on straight from the cloud without the need for additional adoption support. Many independent vendors are competing with products that are increasingly deeply integrated into the stack of major software vendors.  In addition, there is always a buzzy new product from a hot start-up or a behemoth of the software industry to distract clients and have them pondering a product switch as a magic bullet.

At CollabSystem we are realists, we know the buzz has never really kicked in for us the way it did for others. We know how good our product really is. No matter how unrealistic our product promises we just haven’t struck that vein of customer success that results in the big payday of an IPO and a forced sale to private equity players or other vulture purchasers a decade later.

If CollabSystems is acquired, we guarantee to ensure that the interests of our customers are met until at least the cheque has cleared.  We value our customers and we would never want their needs to get lost in declining services levels, arduous integration processes and the eventual surprise shut down of our product, unless the return to us justified selling them out.

So we have only one phrase of advice to our competitors and other potential acquirers: Make it rain.



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