Calling People For Millennials


CollabSystem is proud to announce its latest adoption services program – Calling People for Millennials.

Are you a millennial to you look at that rectangular object that never leaves your hand and wonder what it might do other than stream music, send texts, get an Uber and give you access to your social networks? We want to introduce you to a revolutionary communications application called Calling People and give you the skills to maximise its value.

With a simple press of that funny looking green banana button, you can achieve voice communication with the important people in your life. Calling People can be the perfect antidote to loneliness or sadness. Just one quick conversation can bring a spark to your otherwise melancholy day watching other people’s lives on Instagram.

He needs Calling People

CollabSystem has developed a training program for its corporate clients to enable any millennial to realise the benefits of Calling People.

Our training program covers the following common questions about Calling People:

  • Rationale: Why speak at all when you can text?
  • Objections: Isn’t Calling People what happens in those old movies from last century? Why does Calling People take so long? What happens if I have to discuss emotions with my voice? How do I do other things while Calling People? Can I use Calling People with more than one person at a time?
  • Practices: What is answering? Do I really have to start with Hello? What if I don’t want to speak now or ever? What do you mean put the call on hold? How do I stop this call? Can’t I just say nothing? What is a conference call?
  • Tips: How do I deal with old people who really like Calling People? How do I use traditional excuses for not Calling People? When I am Calling People, how do I signal to the other person that I want to stop? What do I do if it just keeps ringing and interrupting my streaming? How to start or end a relationship using Calling People?

Sure it is harder to ghost people when you are taking on the phone, but with our one day training program we can have you skilled at Calling People and ready to work in the call centre job that will soon be replaced by chatbots and AI.

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