The CollabSystem Custom Cloud

CollabSystem is increasingly coming up in conversation as the newest and most intriguing player in collaboration. Today we would like to announce our latest feature to enable organizations to realise the best of collaboration without actually changing – The CollabSystem Custom Cloud. 

Choosing cloud SAAS collaboration platform can mean organizations face dangerous features and philosophies that are antithetical to their culture. Openness, trust, belief in human potential, diversity, accountability, personal responsibility, freedom of association and freedom of speech are not always compatible with your organization’s culture. The CollabSystem Custom Cloud addresses these conflicts by putting you in control of collaboration and avoid the need for costly change, adoption and community management efforts. The CollabSystem Custom Cloud lets you work exactly as you have always worked just with a cloud collaboration platform deployed for your employees to ignore. 

Cloud platforms often constrain organization’s choices. CollabSystem Custom Cloud has no such constraints. Every feature of the platform can be managed using toggles. Any user experience can be controlled in a granular way. Our new AI employee experience allows you to deliver a different collaboration experience to each employee based upon their skills, performance, potential and any biases you may have. This level of tailoring can mean employees don’t even have to want to or realise that they are collaborating. 

Our new admin panel is as complex as the cockpit of a jet and far more dangerous to human health. Our clients use these controls to determine exactly what each employee can do. 

The head of collaboration for a leading private prison group said ‘CollabSystem Custom Cloud is amazing. It’s far more powerful tool of human control than we have seen in any part of our business before. It has transformed how our employees work and think. We no longer let our employees talk to each other any other way’. 

CollabSystem Custom Cloud is delivered as a public cloud SAAS service but can also be run on private cloud, hybrid and on-premise installations. We guarantee that whatever your complex unique customer scenario our solution will be capable of being installed initially. Unlike other cloud solutions, CollabSystem Custom Cloud will never inconvenience your organization or users with externally imposed product upgrades, changes or features. All upgrades will be custom projects designed with you at your cost and convenience by our expensive team of system integrators. 

Control your future. Try CollabSystem Custom Cloud today. 

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