Moving to Cloud

Many clients come to CollabSystem after struggling with cloud migration of their critical business workloads. We offer solutions that no other vendor would consider. More importantly we offer a migration path that’s unavailable to other large enterprise vendors.

A recent discussion on Twitter around cloud migration captured in one tweet the secret of our cloud migration strategy – evaporation.

CollabSystem is in no way associated with Jason Goldberger which makes him much more credible

Most people understand that the promised transformation of moving to the cloud is a little overheated and that the process of transformation is enough to make the team steamy. We are specialists in delivering things that are intangible and likely to disappear at a puff of wind. We know that that steam is everything in a cloud migration. The more evaporation (of your money) the better your progress (for us).

At CollabSystem we aren’t afraid of getting ourselves and our clients in a little hot water. Well, honestly, we are a bit more afraid than some social media apps that are getting shut down for their sins. However, we have no fear of steam, evaporation and we literally are vaporware. We’ve never met a trendy hot promise we couldn’t make without the faintest idea of how we would deliver.

Our proprietary steam generators hard at work sending clients new vaporware

Trust your cloud migration to CollabSystem and we will guarantee your CIOs eyes become cloudy and you will be able to see the steam coming out of their ears. After all, if you can’t trust a software vendor who can you trust?

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