CollabSystem Complex: Delivering BYOH Security for IT Professionals

The global expansion of working from home in the pandemic has raised significant complexity for IT Services departments. The most significant of these complexities is the absence of need for IT services. When in the home context, many employees discover that their complex work infrastructure, device and software issues are best solved by a eight year-old, either the employee’s own, a relative, or one on a Youtube tech podcast.

CollabSystem is proud to announce a solution to this IT crisis. CollabSystem Complex is CollabSystem’s Bring Your Own Home solution. CollabSystem Complex extends the kinds of security, device control, monitoring and other inconveniences of BYOD to the entire home office environment. This smart solution ensures that an employee’s own room is useless to them for work without expensive additional software, infrastructure and support services. BYOD has effectively preserved IT jobs & power when employees use their own phone or computer. CollabSystem Complex’s BYOH solution extends that intelligence to the whole of an employee’s home.

CollabSystem Complex is engineered to defeat the talents of a canny 8 year-old with a screen-time addiction. Complex security, identity management, device management, physical access interventions and encryption ensure nothing gets in or out of the home office. Monitoring and home office management ensure that nothing works without IT Support approval and engagement. Importantly, employees feel consistently surveilled in their own homes even in their most intimate after work moments. CollabSystem Complex introduces deep enterprise IT capabilities into a simple always-on easy to run consumer IT environment thereby guaranteeing incompatibility, integration challenges, bugs and system failures. IT professionals will be very satisfied with these industry leading enterprise outcomes.

Many have queried the equity of WFH. Not all employees have the same IT resources, space or other home environments. CollabSystem Complex reduces all WFH environments to the same standardised level of limited functionality removing any equity issues. We’ve achieved a low common bar inside the office why shouldn’t employees experience the same consistency at home regardless of wealth and social circumstances. To paraphrase one of our satisfied CIO clients why should employees have an technology Ferrari at home when they only have a Model T Ford at work?

Like any good BYOH solution, CollabSystem Complex extends well beyond the proper domain of work. CollabSystem Complex’s IoT integrations sniff important IoT data, interfere with personal assistant solutions on smart devices and can even crash non-smart devices like coffee machines, white goods and the homes entire electrical network with targeted electro-magnetic pulses. All issues requiring immediate rectification and support in a stressed pandemic-threatened home office environment. In particular, BYOH solutions ensure the printer never works when it is urgent just like the office.

With CollabSystem Complex, IT Professionals can rest assured that nothing untoward will occur in the home office environment. Users will still need lots of expensive IT support, services and infrastructure. With the home office environment managed effectively in a BYOH framework, IT Professionals can return to their usual challenge of finding a higher paying job elsewhere.

CollabSystem Complex: Because there’s no walnut you can’t crush with an industrial grinding mill and a thousand expensive employees.

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