Employee Experience on the Blockchain

At CollabSystem, we are always prepared to push the edge. We usually arrive too late to a party. So it is with some delight that we announce WaDAOfook, our employee experience on the Blockchain. We bring all the magic of DAOs to the dry and dull corporate experience of your employees. Very soon they will be shouting WaDAOfook throughout your offices.

Trustless People as a Service

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

For too long your employees have felt the special individual recognition that comes from being an employee number and at times a name. With WaDAOfook, we change this forever, now like everyone else in the crypto ecosystem your employees can be nameless and trustless cyphers on the blockchain.

At CollabSystem, we think there’s been too much trust in trust over the years. WaDAOfook removes the responsibility of employees to trust each other, the organisation or vice versa. When everyone is explicitly and anonymously on the grift, the underlying principles of corporate life are surfaced for all to see. You no longer whether Carl in accounts is paying your travel expenses. Carl is now a hash and the expenses might be an NFT for all you care. That every grift is recorded in permanent detail on the blockchain ensures that whoever arrives later to work out what went wrong when the business is hacked has a perfect record of things that happened, just not by whom or where the money might be now.

Incompetence as a Service

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

Too long you have had to grapple with isolated incidents of incompetence in your organisation. The new blockchain employee experience from WaDAOfook ensure that incompetence is universal.

By leveraging the magical grift of cryptographic ledgers to make accountability impossible, entropy will ensure that what remaining talent you have leaks from the organisation at an accelerating rate. Forget the great resignation, like any effective DAO you will have employees who are there in name only just hoping that registration alone delivers a massive pay day. Their real work and attention will be secretly deployed elsewhere leaving you in awe of WaDAOfook.

Compliance as an Afterthought

IWIR restraint device Photo by Kindel Media on Pexels.com

WaDAOfook is guaranteed to make compliance an afterthought for all your employees. In an anonymous, borderless, government-free world your employees will be long gone before there are any consequences. WaDAOfook enables you to identify the key role of IWIR for any project. IWIR stands for Idiot Who Is Responsible. The IWIR will be the only visibly identifiable person that can be pursued for breaches. Ideally the IWIR is not at all involved in your work. WaDAOfook offers IWIRs as a service for truly disreputable work like Facebook marketing, drop shipping and Instagram influencing.

Revolutionise your employee experience today with the magic of WaDAOfook. There’s no guarantee anyone will still be around on 2 April.

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