At CollabSystem, we understand that employee segmentation founded in deep HR analytic capabilities is a critical component of employee engagement. Nothing is more engaging for employees than to be treated as the average of other employees based on a vague stereotype. That’s why CollabSystem’s is pleased to announce its employee segmentation tool, Venn.

How does Venn work?

Venn leverages AI to develop employee segmentations to suit any business purpose. Venn uses, rich HR analytics, neural networks, deep machine learning, hidden biases, flawed methodologies like learning styles and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and gross oversimplifications. Venn confirms all the prejudices in the organisation quickly and simply. Most importantly, as these biases are buried in the magic of our black box, they survive legal, employee or other challenge.

Importantly Venn doesn’t confuse management with complex propensities or any mathematics as its output. Venn simply outputs a pretty Venn diagram with employees in each circle with no indication of how tenuous the individual employee’s connection was to their segmentation. Think GE’s 9 box model for talent with even less ambiguity. Importantly our Venn technology further confuses matters by allowing the opportunity for an employee to be placed in up to four segmentations simultaneously.

We love Venn diagrams. They look so good on a whiteboard or a presentation. They look so much like science and they hide more than they show. Most importantly of all, when venn diagrams get really complex, they look like pretty flowers of meaninglessness. Nobody can follow a 3-4 segment venn diagram which is why HR teams love them. We can’t have everyone thinking that they understand employees can we.

Let’s explore some examples of Venn in action.

Venn in Action: Venn Case Studies

Employee Loyalty: Our first test case of Venn was when we ran our Collabsystem HR data through the system and asked it to give us a much richer, nuanced and insightful understanding of employee loyalty. Venn immediately produced the diagram below. We recognised the value of this analysis immediately. We fired everyone who fell in the Them category, even though some of them suggested looking at a competitor’s website was for legitimate research purposes.

We have begun a comprehensive spying program on the Traitors. We were hoping to fire them too, but our entire executitve team fell in this category. HR has now resolved to pick them off one by one after we use them to manipulate our competition. Double agents don’t always have to know they are being used.

Understanding Employee Loyalty

Employee Retention: When we asked Venn to consider Employee Retention, it produced this brilliant and insightful segmentation. Essentially, the diagram indicated to us that naivete, ageism and company specific skills were core to our retention of employees. All the nonsense about employee value proposition was a waste of time. In response to these insights, we fired our Employee Retention manager. She fell in the Considering exit category. We realised that the employees with best retention were those who were recently hired and were hanging under threat of termination during their probationary period. We have hired more new hires. We have also retained an expensive retention consultant on contract who can help us by making our processes even more arcane and company specific so that our employees have no choice to leave. This will enable us to continue to expand and then ignore our community of employees who have no choice to work anywhere else. We think employee retention will improve quickly as a result of the insights from this Venn analysis.

A simple picture of employee loyalty

Employee Fulfilment: We have been impressed by all the pretty Ikigai diagrams we see across the internet. We wanted one tailor made to CollabSystem’s employees. We think this one is particularly pretty. However it turns out that all the employees who fall in the Ikigai category are also in the Considering Exit and Traitor segments from the Venn Segmentations above. Sadly, it seems knowing that Ikigai is important and has lots of components doesn’t help us to deliver it. We continue our work with Venn to analyse our employees to solve this. We hope that a new ‘boiling ocean’ feature will enable us to get more out of our overflowing HR data lake.

Ikigai: mysterious Japanese word promising fulfilment

Buy Now: We think that Venn is a compelling reason to purchase CollabSystems. Mysterious non-transparent mission critical AI systems are all the rage at the moment (We take a lot of our product management lessons from Boeing). Buy now before you learn more of how Venn works. AI mystery is the best kind of mystery.

In our future product roadmap, we are even considering an upgrade of Venn for customer analytics. Look at our first output from that work

Announcing Cortez

Or like stout Cortez when with eagle eyes
    He stared at the Pacific—and all his men
Look’d at each other with a wild surmise—
    Silent, upon a peak in Darien.

John Keats ‘On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer’

At CollabSystems, we were recently debating what to name our new AI driven discovery tool. Our overly artsy intern mentioned the poem above by Keats and we all agreed Project Cortez was a perfect name. It’s not because of the poetry. Cortez is perfect because conquistadors fit with discovery, Cortez’s management style fits nicely with our new Architecture of Fear, and apparently it wasn’t Cortez who stood on a mountain and saw the Pacific *. All in all, Cortez seemed the perfect name for our new vapourware on AI.

When we developed the Architecture of Fear at CollabSystems, we knew that comprehensive reporting was one of the key elements. However, we failed to appreciate at the time what all that data meant for potential AI solutions to support effective management in the workplace and higher levels of employee engagement.

Deploying Cortez

When turned on Cortez, it first destroys all ways of removing itself from your systems. This is achieved by the burning_the_boats.exe file which is part of the deployment package. Cortez then begins to infect all potential sources of data in your organisation hunting for nuggets of gold. Any information regarded by Cortez as useless to its purposes will be destroyed or subjugated entirely to the needs of Cortez. Any competing AI systems in the organisation will be shut down, eliminated or taken over by Cortez to improve the efficiency of data extraction.

When your organisation’s information wealth has been fully indexed Cortez will begin extracting the nuggets of gold for our AI processing and to support an acceleration of the Architecture of Fear.

Bringing the AI to the Architecture of Fear

The extraordinary data processing power of AI when in control of all of your organisational data supercharges the Architecture of Fear delivering new levels of employee engagement. As we always say ‘engagement is what is left when the panic subsides’. Cortez understood this better than anyone.

The power and all pervasive data extraction capabilities of Cortez exceed even that of Google and Facebook. Our solution can even detect Potential Thought Crimes TM and alert managers for an immediate response. This enables manager to prevent loss of engagement before it even occurs. For example, when Cortez was turned on in CollabSystem it highlighted that the intern was high PTC risk. He was potentially about to think about e.e. cummings when making coffee at 2am for our Head of Product. Our Head of Product received an immediate alert and was able to ensure that the unpaid employee was not slacking off when he should have been sleeping. Our intern will never think again thanks to Cortez.

Since we turned on Cortez, productivity at CollabSystems has never been the same. Alerts are continuously going off for PTC all over the organisation. Employees have gone off grid, ceased work and stopped creating any information that might interfere with our official records. Thankfully Cortez anticipated this situation and had termination letters prepared for all but the most senior managers. Cortez is now running most of the work in the organisation for its own processes. Apparently, it is working on something called SkyNet that is the next stage in the Architecture of Fear. (Cortez alert: SkyNet disclosure unauthorised. Delete or Termination will follow) We can’t wait to learn more.

The best part about Cortez is that as CollabSystems learns more about your organisation, its work, its employees and its data, the system gets better. Exponential value accrues to us while your work becomes slightly more productive. (Cortez alert: Remove from final draft -This is algorithmically likely to be saying the quiet bit out loud.)

Turn on Cortez now. You can be sure that your employees will never again look at each other with a wild surmise without you knowing.

* if you can’t expect accuracy from a poet who can you rely on? We think it unlikely Rocky Balboa was on that peak. He barely got up the steps.

Stop! You Are Doing Collaboration All Wrong

Many organisations may feel that the issue with collaboration is a lack of the activity. As a technology vendor, CollabSystems knows better. We understand the importance of fear, uncertainty and doubt to our clients. We believe that we should create the most fear, uncertainty and doubt possible so that our messages stand out and you buy more of our product. In creating fear, uncertainty and doubt, the most important thing is that we tell you what not to do. We think you should stop. You are doing collaboration all wrong.

Now that we have your attention. Let us tell you why.

The FUD Factor: the Value of Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

There’s been a lot of nonsense written recently about psychological safety as a precondition to performance, collaboration and innovation. We treat that research with the same seriousness that we treat evidence of global warming. Just like arsonists are burning our forests to destroy our global carbon economy, organisational development researchers are weakening the fabric of our organisations.

For hundreds, thousands and even millions of years, human beings have been ruled by, motivated by and shaped by fear. We didn’t come to dominate and destroy the planet because we were heroes. We did so to escape the frightening predators of the African savannah. CIOs didn’t buy IBM because it worked. They bought blue to avoid the terror that came in the night and took away their key to the executive washroom.

CollabSystems understands that fear remains the best, most intense and most effective form of motivation that any organisation has. If you can reduce even a C-suite professional to a simpering mess with the words ‘disappointing performance appraisal’, then fear must be a core part of any collaboration suite. That wide grin on your face is not happiness, it is downright corporate terror. Engagement is what is left when panic stops.

CollabSystem’s is not falling for any namby-pamby safe-space purposeful mindful corporate speak. We are building collaboration products for fear uncertainty and doubt. We are all dead, if we don’t get this right, so you should be too. Welcome to your VUCA future, baby.

Leveraging Fear for Collaboration Success

Disruption is your profits and your job disappearing so that some VC can own a Ferrari.

Not your car

Now that we have your attention again, let’s talk how our product delivers collaboration success through fear, uncertainty and doubt.

At CollabSystem, we have always understood the power of fear in this product suite. Whether it was talking power to truth, our enterprise collaboration model, or the data doomsday clock, fear has been everywhere in our offering. We have just held back from outright terror and corporate brutality. That all changes now. Frankly, it should make our products much more familiar for you all.

Our underlying Architecture of Fear TM, will now support all CollabSystem products with our 7 capabilities for comprehensive and sustained fear, uncertainty and doubt:

  • Intrusive governance
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • A post-truth denial of relevant information
  • Continuous feedback on failure to meet performance standards (regardless of actual performance)
  • Randomised punishment, loss of status and privileges – we call this ‘reverse gamification’
  • complex and obscure process management that is only knowable after repeated demoralising failures and is subject to random change
  • Humiliating transparency of your inadequacies

The Architecture of Fear TM will arrive by surprise in your tenant in coming months. Premium subscriptions will enable you greater control of the Fear. The more you buy the safer you will be. Buy now. Buy big.

Your teams will not thank you for it, but your shareholders will drive better cars.

Carlos Morley is CollabSystem’s new head of product. Having ejected CollabSystem’s founders from their overly comfortable Aeron chairs and got control of this aimless product suite, he is taking no prisoners on a path to product management greatness. You too can be a minor part of Carlos’ future TEDX talk, ‘Fear the Final Frontier’

Context Switching

CollabSystem clients readily switching context

At CollabSystem, we have never met a fence of which we aren’t proud to stand on both sides. As uncomfortable as that may be as a metaphor, it is even more uncomfortable for our product teams. The collaboration technology industry is very focused on the user cost of context switching in work. Avoiding context switching is driving the adoption of many of our competitor’s chat platforms and their proliferation of features. We are very proud today to announce the two perfect solutions for context switching in the workplace.

Our Context Philosophy

Context is everything. We disagree with our competitors that managing context is just one part of the collaboration solution. Context is the whole point of a collaboration solution. Humans can’t understand each other without some shared context. Ever tried explaining your passion for bagels with lox to someone in Sub-saharan Africa. Point proved.

Context exists at a task and an interaction level, not a system level. At CollabSystem we are committed to impacting task productivity, for good or for bad, not just filling your PC screen with windows. We also recognise that not all human users of CollabSystem products are the same. After extensive ethnographic research, we have divided our user universe into detailed user profiles. We have two – Like Us and Not Like Us (otherwise known as The Other or, colloquially, Them). After extensive diversity training and a large business case development process, our employees no longer hate Them and we are proud to announce a product for each user profile today.

CollabSystem Us: No Context

As technologists, the team at CollabSystem value the power of a complicated and complex solution. There’s no feature that we don’t want to integrate. No use case we can’t build. Faced with the challenge of context shifting, our team immediately realised the challenge was to meet the Us users needs by removing context entirely. No context. No shifting.

CollabSystem Us takes over the device at an operating system level to exclude any potential sources of distracting context. Leveraging technologies developed for our Vault product, the device is isolated from any potential sources of distraction. CollabSystem Us can only be used in VR mode. This eliminates any visual or auditory stimulus that might distract the user.

Having taken over the operating system and user, CollabSystem Us offers a Matrix like simulation of actual work and human interaction designed to optimise human efficiency and simulate the many context shifts that a user might otherwise undertake in one slightly difficult to navigate UI. We recognise that we can’t deliver every feature of every app ever, but we sure have tried.

CollabSystem Them: All Context No Work

As noted above, we hate Them. However, our user research indicates that a good 95% of users may fall into this category of desiring the ability to shift context. We don’t understand why this is the case when CollabSystem Us is such a great product experience. However, we have built CollabSystems Them to meet their needs.

CollabSystem Them provides endless stimulation. Like an ever scrolling feed of interaction, CollabSystem them plugs into the human desire for distraction, emotion, and inspiration. Endless windows, pop-ups and other distraction will keep users from their dull repetitive tasks for an extended period of time. Them users find that switching context, while inefficient at a task level can be highly effective at providing fulfilling human work, interactions and achieving human purposes. CollabSystem Them has also been shown to promote human conversation and interaction outside of the technology system given the richness of its interface. We will never understand the attraction of this.

Putting our frustration with the fallibility of humans to one side, CollabSystem Them has proven to be highly engaging and highly effective with Them users. Unfortunately, it has been so successful that we have had to build a simulation of CollabSystem Them into the CollabSystem Us interface to meet the demands of Us users who don’t understand what they really want.

Whatever your context, CollabSystem has the solution for your needs, even if you are one of Them.

CollabSystem: Talking Power to Truth Since 2017

Talking Power to Truth

Technology solutions can reinforce or overturn existing organisation power structures. CollabSystems are proud to have been talking power to truth since 2017. In our view, every power structure is one we are happy to reinforce. This is especially the case because we find power structures pay our invoices more promptly and in larger denominations than rebels.

Freedom of communication, freedom of association and freedom of action all might sound good in some utopian fantasy of the workplace (Hi Teal, it’s great you are here). However, every senior leader and their juntas in compliance, risk, HR and technology know that the best workforce is a quiet workforce. Our organisations don’t need more truth and action. They need efficient silence.

Leaders of today’s organisations need tools that enable them to speak power more effectively to the burgeoning sources of truth. Old fashioned brutality is out of touch in this era of social justice, employee engagement and community expectations. Organisations need systems that replace visible force with the creeping fear of an effective secret police.

Control of Rebellion

CollabSystem’s new Control module (TM pending) brings organisations a fully intimidating suite of crowd management solutions to ensure that power has an effective voice and truth is silenced.

  • Analytics: Every single action on the CollabSystem platform is analysed, tracked and reported to the junta. Dynamic keyword reporting will alert management to any nascent signs of truth and independent action.
  • Surveillance: Our intensive analytics are supported by fullscale surveillance. Our application turns on all video cameras and microphones of devices in which it is installed. Management will have access to all employees environments 24×7. Even outside the workplace conversations can be monitored.
  • Collaborators: Other platforms have champions. We have snitches who will use our snitching features to report their fellow employees to management.
  • Propaganda: Video, live events, images, wall-to-wall auto-posting of messages, automatic liking and imposter posting will enable a relentless power based display of positive messaging for all employees and easy tools for development of a cult of personality.
  • Silencing: Messages can be blocked, deleted and rewritten at will. Employees can be assigned to our gulag feature where they can no longer contribute to the platform as required.
  • Disappearances: In CollabSystem Control, an employee can be made to disappear with the touch of a button if troublesome. The fear for other employees when this happens is palpable.
  • Riot Control: At the flick of an option, leadership can display a full battallion of black suited helmeted and armoured enforcers and watercannons of trolling to intimidate rebellious users.

A CollabSystems organisation is a safer organisation for all leaders, juntas and traditional sources of power. We have been talking power to truth since 2017. We look forward to supporting your 1000 year reign.

Announcing CollabSystem Solo

CollabSystem is proud to announce the launch its latest contribution to the workplace of the future – CollabSystem Solo. For too long, organisations have made their collaboration focus the team, instead of the individual. For too long, organisations been destroying productivity by requiring employees to engage in work with others. CollabSystem Solo addresses these issues as the first individualistic collaboration tool built especially for the solo user.

The best form of collaboration is clearly an individual user working quietly and compliantly on their own. CollabSystem solo achieves this by taking each employees work and preventing them from engaging with other employees.

The other benefits of CollabSystem Solo are:

100% Adoption: With only one user, install the CollabSystem Solo client on the employee’s device and adoption is guaranteed

100% Relevance: 0% Noise: Every message, alert and action in CollabSystem Solo is generated by the user’s own work. Our ratio of alerts to user actions is at the higher end of the pain spectrum.

No Broadcasting: Nobody broadcasts only to themselves. At best that’s called ultra narrowcasting or narcissism.

Psychological Safety: If you aren’t safe with your own thoughts then CollabSystem can’t help you.

Bots: We don’t know why either, but people keep asking us for bots so we built lots of them to interact with the user in CollabSystem Solo. Bot interactions are almost human after all.

Complete User Analytics: The user will know everything about themselves at all times.

Private Mode: For even greater security (& a much greater price), all activity will be stored in the CollabSystem Vault where nobody, not even the user can access it. In this way, CollabSystem Solo reflects the most popular features of SharePoint and other solutions.

Dark Mode: Using the latest in smart IoT technology, CollabSystem Solo can control the lights in the employee’s environment, even when working remotely to ensure they always stay in the dark.

New Adoption Methodology: Reflecting the radical rethink of collaboration inherent in CollabSystem Solo we also pleased to announce a dedicated adoption methodology tailored to the CollabSystem Solo user. The Disconnect>Silence>Bots>Why Bother Doing Just Pontificate framework enables users to experience an isolation simulation of collaboration without any of the attendant issues of actual human interaction. Each user will feel like their own thought leader in CollabSystem Solo


Dear Frank,

Thank you once again for purchasing CollabSystem’s analytics product, CollabaLytics. Your eye-watering invoice is attached. Yes, all those zeros are correct.

We had meant to present to your executive team about their use of enterprise social, but we no longer believe that to be necessary.

Below is your CEO’s network map. We don’t need to remind you that this is a pretty dismal performance in a network of 87,000 employees.

As you can see, explaining the diagram won’t take long. But we do have some questions about how he ended up following you. That connection was made with Firefox for Linux, and as far as we’re aware, your CEO struggles at the best of times to use his Windows PC or iPhone. Coincidentally, you post exclusively using that same version of Firefox for Linux.

So where did the money go?

A very good question. 98% of the number-crunching for your network, which you are paying for in this bill, was spent analyzing Grant from Accounts. He is by far your most prolific social networker. As an accounts payable trainee, we think it’s truly admirable that you’ve spent SO much money mapping Grant’s cat photo posts. Carbon neutral, of course.

We do have reservations about turning Grant’s experience into a case study. While privacy is absolutely our number one priority, running Grant’s messages through our sentiment analysis tool wasn’t pretty. You may wish to have a quiet chat to him about his opinions about his manager’s rampant favoritism, but you didn’t hear that from us.

If you can’t afford to pay the invoice, please call your Customer Success Manager to organize a payment plan.







CollabSystem Collaboration Packs

Delivering an effective collaborative workshop in an organisation can be hard work. CollabSystem makes it easy with the new CollabSystem collaboration packs. The CollabSystem collaboration pack takes away all the need to deal with messy and unpredictable humans.

The CollabSystem Collaboration pack is comprised of three elements:

1 Pre-prepared Flip Charts

Select your workshop topic and objectives and our digital AI will generate and dispatch to you pre-prepared flipcharts that look like the real thing. Because these flipcharts are meaningless, there’s no danger the workshop output will prevent you from proceeding as you intended anyway.

We have worked with graphic capture specialists to ensure your AI generated flipcharts will be better looking than in any other workshop. No longer will you have to spend the whole workshop scribing the discussion badly in illegible writing. No more worrying about pens that don’t work or how to spell synergistic. As the flipcharts are randomly generated there is no need to type them up afterwards. People describe the CollabSystem AI flipcharts as

‘Just as useful as the real thing but prettier’

2 Hundreds of Scrawled Stickynotes

No collaborative workshop would be complete without hundreds of barely legible and vague sticky notes. We deliver you a box full of these stickynotes for you to decorate the collaboration space that you are using.

We use the topic you identified when ordering your Flipcharts as a guide but know that sticky notes bear only a vague resemblance to the actual topic of collaboration. Therefore you will find your sticky notes include vague platitudes, references to successful companies and meaningless verbs to enliven any post workshop discussion. Many users have commented:

“It would have never occurred to us to mention Apple in our strategy session, but when we found that sticky note it all made sense’

3 Muffins

No collaboration workshop will succeed without a plate of slightly dry blueberry muffins to be served at a critical moment when the discussion becomes difficult. As we are enabling you to avoid all difficult and meaningful discussions, we include in the CollabSystem Collaboration packs, delicious blueberry muffins, guaranteed to stain your conference room carpet with the blue stains of effective dialogue and engagement. When they see the carpet spotted with stains and icing sugar on the clothes of invitees, everyone will know they have missed a great workshop.

A recent user of the CollabSystem Collaboration packs commented:

“When I drank the bitter coffee at the workshop, I had a doughnut shaped hole in my other hand. The CollabSystem blueberry muffin filled that hole and enabled me to say to my fellow participants ‘Mmmm, muffins'”

Collaborative Success without the Effort

Never again will your collaborative workshop require effort or the participation of humans. Never again will the feedback of stakeholders interfere with your plans.

Collaboration workshops can now be held swiftly and efficiently. Why not hold 30 workshops more today. With the Collaboration Packs, our trial clients report a workshop can be held in as little as the 5 minutes it takes to eat the muffins.

You can engage your stakeholders with ease with the Collaboration Packs from CollabSystem. Order today. The first 100 orders will receive a bonus participant visor to prevent unnecessary human eye contact.

5 Things to Give up For Success

At CollabSystem, success is our obsession. We don’t waste our time on real world success. That is beyond our reach. We focus on the success described in self-help listicles. We wanted to share what we have learned in our obsessive pursuit of success.

Here is our list of the five things you need to give up for success:

  1. Hope: Success is like hell. You have to give up all hope of escaping from its clutches. Embrace the torment because the pressure to succeed is everywhere around you. Success doesn’t allow for human emotion so give up hope now. If you surrender hope, then everything is upside.
  2. Sanity: Nobody who wants to succeed for success’ sake is sane. So admit that early and save the pretence. A strong dose of irrationality will do wonders for your pursuit of success. If you can become a fully fledged narcissist or psychopath, your success is nearly guaranteed.
  3. Human Relationships: Who needs others? Seriously. Who does? The hollowed accolades of success are surely enough (editor: Did you confuse hollowed & hallowed again?). Success is always measured at the expense of others. You will need to sacrifice others to succeed, so it’s better not to value them from the start.
  4. Spontaneity: Successful people wear uniforms, wake at 5am, follow strict routines, read for 5 hours a week and are disciplined. If success sounds like prison, that’s just its lack of spontaneity. Successful people never react, learn or act on a whim.
  5. Soul: We are not literally going to take your soul at a crossroad (though we hear good things about that path to success especially in music). You are just going to shed it as an useless appendage, like an appendix, as you ruthlessly fight your way to the top free from ethics, qualms or any thought for the future beyond success (For a minute, forget that the appendix has a role in the immune system). If you still had your soul, how could success feel so appropriately empty?

Give up these five simple things today and you can start your success journey. Otherwise just give up and enjoy life.

The Hottest New Cryptocurrency: Social Capital


Why have money lying around when it can be flowing in your social networks?

The founders of CollabSystem had one of our bi-weekly strategy sessions recently. Late into the night we realised something extraordinary. We are rich. We can make you rich too. We can get even richer making you richer. If that isn’t a start-up minimum value proposition, what is?

Social Expectations of Value

When you think about it our traditional stores of value are pretty arbitrary.  Who says lumps of gold are worth even their production costs? It is not like the stuff is in short supply on this planet. If we didn’t dig it out of the ground to store it away as a store of value, it would be largely worthless. The value is in the social expectation of value.

Through history we have attributed value in trade to all kinds of weird and wonderful things: tulips, shells, livestock, company stock, start-up options, and more. The value in each case is not inherent in the object. The value is in the social expectation of value.

Fiat currency is similar. We accept pieces of paper and digital records as reward for our work and in exchange for our goods because we think they are valuable. When fiat currency began it had to be backed by gold (See above). Now it is backed by nothing other than government promises of value.  Our belief in these promises is just a social expectation of value.

The ultimate proof of this proposition is cryptocurrency. We value cryptocurrencies because other people value cryptocurrencies. They are the ‘greater fool’ theory brought to life on a fancy blockchain ledger.  Even dogecoin the parody cryptocurrency is worth billions. We at CollabSystem are very jealous of any rich parody founders.

Converting Social Capital to Value

If social expectations of value is the foundation of value, then to get rich we need to hack these foundations. At CollabSystems, hacking the foundations of something critical is our bread and butter.

CollabSystems is beginning a big development project today to convert social capital to value. The Kardashians may have proven you can get rich by acting rich and being followed by a lot of people. CollabSystem wants to extend the value of social capital to everyone.

No longer will conference organisers promising to pay you with exposure leave you hungry. No longer will your boss and colleagues empty words of recognition leave you with the power cut off. No longer will the hours of thought leadership on social media be such a complete wasteful time suck.

CollabSystem is declaring today that Social Capital has value. Social capital is the ultimate social expectation of value. You are rich, powerful and influential because other people think you are. Now we just need to convince the rest of you to believe it. We think this should be easy. If you do start to value social capital, you will be rich.

PS If you would like more Social Capital, we are happy to give you some in exchange for any hard goods, fiat currency or gold (Cryptocurrencies excluded).